Maltese volunteers assist the NPA

npawebsiteThe Namibia Paralegal Association has recently benefited from the generosity of a number of international volunteers.

We are working for the NPA to develop institutionally and to build its capacity in order to become an independent national association, and volunteers have been assisting us with this.

Steve Hili, a VSO volunteer has been assisting in the organisational development of the NPA since November. Steve is from the tiny island of Malta in Europe, an island that has since been showering the NPA with generosity.

Through Steve's networking, two other Maltese volunteers, Ruben Overend from Mediacoop Ltd and Keith Vassallo have helped make the dream of our website a reality.

Another Maltese volunteer, Neville Cassar recently designed our new Justice Outreach logo.

Thank you for your amazing generosity!

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